The new universal kitesurf / windsurf Shift Pro Plus from RRD is the most comfortable harness in their range.

The back of the harness features our new composite ergonomic back support batten technology. The naturally shaped internal plate is relatively flexible, this makes the harness great for wave riding, foiling and less powered sessions. If you want to unlock the Shift Pro’s full potential, you can insert the carbon Composite ergonomic back support batten vertically in the center of the harness back. The high back profile combined with the naturally curved batten boosts up the support and stiffness of the harness to allow for more powered up riding and Big Air performance kiteboarding. The Shift Pro is suitable for people with a naturally curved to flat lower back shape. The soft and comfortable neoprene inside combined with our EVA grip back section for maximum comfort for everyday and powered up riding. The improved barpad with stabilizer wings, slides into the side of your harness, to prevent the hook from riding up to protects your ribs. The barpad with universal kite/windsurf hook can be swapped out for a rope bar with stabilizer wings (available separately). A rope bar converts any waist harness into a kite wave harness. It helps to extend your turns, by allowing you to rotate further and easier than you would with a hook spreader bar.

  • Universal kite/windsurf harness for powered up riding
  • Composite ergonomic back support batten changes stiffness
  • Most comfortable and supportive harness with a natural back curve for powered-up riding
  • Universal kite/windsurf hook, suitable and safe for both disciplines

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