RRD Wetsuit and Harness Collection – 2017

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RRD have just released their 2017 range of harnesses and wetsuits, and it's a good looking haul. Here's what RRD have to say about the new kit.

The RRD WETSUIT COLLECTION results as a refined, streamlined version of the previous years' 2 season wetsuit ranges and introduces a year round collection to be used in any type of weather. We have started to make wetsuits with a precise idea in mind: use pure surfing wetsuits and adapt them with various specific features to also be usable by a growing windsurfing, kiteboarding and supping community. Whether you are choosing a pro wetsuit for your own sessions, or a shorty for your kid's warm water discoveries, the ‘RRD global wetsuit collection' is designed and built to secure an innovative style with an unbeatable performance, comfort and durability level.

Your choice of harness needs to fit your style of riding, stance, local conditions and the natural shape of your back. Therefore the RRD harness range consists off 3 different shaped harnesses to fit different needs, rather then claiming each of their harnesses do it all for each and everyone. Erwin Janssen is the product designer and has many years of experience in developing harnesses, his background is developing sewn products for medical use next to harnesses and wetsuits. He designs products to make the day to day life of people with a disorder more pleasant. people in wheelchairs for example. He knows all about the human anatomy and is an expert kiter, windsurfer, surfer and SUP rider himself, because of that and this knowledge and experience in product design reflects in his unique way of creating a harness for different type of riders with a different natural curve of the back.


Choosing the proper harness is a critical decision that is often overlooked. Finding the right harness can make or break your experience on the water so you must choose wisely. RRD takes an unique approach to developing harnesses with two main factors in their development decisions; The shape of the body and the forces created by the pull of a kite or sail. We use a mathematical formula to calculate the amount of force endured and exactly where it occurs on the body. This allows us to position the support or flexibility in the exact location it is required to maximize comfort and functionality. In additions to the physics, we also focus on the physical. A harness needs to contour to the natural shape of your back as well as fit your style of riding, stance, and local conditions. Rather than claiming each of our harnesses do it all, our range consists of three different shapes to ensure the perfect fit.

It is our goal to provide you the best harness regardless of the complexities of your specifications and maintaining the superior standard of quality that RRD is known for. As an example it’s easy to understand the difference in kite-pull, body position and thus harness requirements between overpowered riding on a twin tip, fun freeriding or (downwind) waveriding. The RRD waist harness range comes in 3 different types of fit, suitable for different body shapes and differences in riding style, so there is always one that fits your personal needs best. Try them out and decide for yourself!

To learn more about the new RRD range, head to the website by clicking here

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