RRD Y27 range

RRD Diamond grid - RRD Y27 range

If you haven't already seen RRD's Y27 range, check it out in this video of their trip to gorgeous Gaudeloupe, with Gollito Estredo, Francesco Cappuzzo, Kari Schibevaag, Greta Menardo, Julien and Camille Boujer.

RRD Diamond grid 795x530 - RRD Y27 range
The latest kites include RRD's diamond grid technology, a structural reinforcement created by splitting each panel of the canopy with a diamond outline in order to prevent bias stretch and distortion of the 2D TECHNOFORCE ripstop fabric. The Diamond Grid creates an effective protection that minimizes fabric stretch ensuring the best performance over time. This innovative technology avoids the loss of tension that typically occurs over prolonged use, keeping the best balance load of the kite. The diamond grid also creates higher strength and rigidity resulting in greater power combined with stability of the profile.

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