Slingshot Freestyle for 2017

slingfree2017 1 - Slingshot Freestyle for 2017

The Fuel returns for 2017 with fine-tuned upgrades that keeps it on the top tier of aggressive, freestyle-focused kites. The original Megaloop master, the Fuel is a legacy kite for Slingshot, and the 2017 version is our best yet. For freestyle-specific boards, we’re launching the 2017 Refraction (the signature board of Slingshot’s globetrotting style master, Sam Light), the Asylum (aggressive rocker, competitive-level freestyle board) and the Karolina Pro (signature model for world champion Karolina Winkowska).

2017 Fuel

2017 Asylum

2017 Refraction

2017 Karolina Pro


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