The 2022 Duotone Evo

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Discover the 2022 Duotone Evo in a nutshell!

Kiteboarding has always been about freedom. The Evo was designed so you could let your imagination run wild and do whatever you want on the water: freeride, hooked freestyle or even wave riding. Even better, its performance is super easy to unlock for all levels of riders, no matter what stage you’re at in your kiteboarding journey: from waterstart to big air and beyond. The Evo’s incredibly intuitive nature and character will help to fast-track your progression. This kite is a smooth operator, with flying characteristics that are so easy to dial into, giving you the confidence to go for it and step up your riding to the next level in no time!

International team riders Tom Hebert and Reno Romeo already have had the opportunity to spend some quality time on the brand-new Evo. Style king Tom froths on the speed of the Evo in the bigger sizes, enabling him to smoothly pull off his trademark old school big air maneuvers “New Cal style”. Brazilian superstar Reno loves the direct bar feedback, always knowing exactly where the kite is no matter if he shoots through the air upside down or pulls a massive loop. Sharing more of their impressions and pointing out the differences between the Evo and the SLS model, this interview will answer many of the questions you might have about our best Evo yet! Read more about it here.
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