The 2022 Duotone Juice is now available, a lightwind weapon…

By now the Juice has reached legendary status. Years of intense research and development have gone into producing this lightwind weapon that will have you killing it on the water when others are desperately running upwind on the beach or simply cannot even hold their kite up in the air. The 2022 model has been refined from last year’s Juice to ensure you will have even more water time and fun no matter what you’re chasing! If you love to push the limits on those days when the wind is truly marginal, perform tricks, boost massive airs or rather just foil with a small kite that can generate heaps of power, the Juice will deliver everything you wish for and more! The Juice performs like a Formula 1 car. Thanks to Duotone's innovative Flex Strut design, the kite is insanely reactive to the rider’s inputs and turns really fast. Light on the bar and offering a dynamic, super exciting flying experience, the Juice 2022 turns any session into pure joy.

Find out more here from designer Ralf Grösel. Enquiring about the design goals and respective refinements that he had planned on introducing to the previous model, Ralf goes into detail about the main changes he’s made on the arc as well as the back bridal geometry, two variables that highly influence both the handling and the bar feedback. Furthermore, Ralf compares the supercharged version, the Juice D/LAB, with the 2022 original Juice and points out their specific places in the market as well as the riders that they are most suited to.

International team rider Reno Romeu aka the Brazilian “Trick Machine” has already had the opportunity to spend some quality time on the brand-new Juice. In this interview, he gives us insights into his impressions and favourite characteristics of the kite. Having ridden it extensively in both light and strong winds, Reno froths on the Juice. He jumped over islands and did all his trademark board-off tricks. Plus, he carved it up on his foil board in only 7-8 knots and rode that same 15m kite all the way up to almost 20 knots on his freestyle board.
Juice cut out 795x530 - THE 2022 DUOTONE JUICE


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