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Manera unveils its ‘Adaptive Shall' harness…

We are proud to introduce the Halo.

Imagine a harness providing great support while adapting to your body & movements. A harness that would be durable as every part of it is interchangeable. A harness that features a groundbreaking spreaderbar. A harness with an innovative size chart that fits any body shape.

harness 800x405 - The HaloExperience the Halo.


The Hardshell is a rigid arc; it prevents the harness from bending and thus compressing the user’s body. It is not in contact with the user nor with the back of the Adaptive skin; its function is to manage the mechanical pressure that the harness receives.

Without Anything

The Adaptive skin is a support skin made of a flexible material providing the user maximum adaptability and freedom of movement. It is directly in contact with the body; its function is to provide comfort.


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