The new 2023 Dice SLS

Screenshot 2022 09 08 at 11.35.25 - The new 2023 Dice SLS

Duotone introduce the new 2023 Dice SLS. Find out all about this progressive kite.

Your most versatile high-performance partner in crime.

The first supercharged SLS version of the Dice in 2022 represented a totally new league of its own. The brand-new 2023 model trumps its predecessor with quite a number of refinements and advances. Designed for the progressive rider looking to maximise every session the Dice SLS 2023 will handle anything you throw at it with ease, from Freestyle to Big Air, from Kiteloops to Waveriding.

The jumping capabilities of the new model have been dialled-up. The increased stiffness in the airframe, as well as the reduced weight resulting from the SLS construction, has helped mould a kite with precise handling and a turning speed that’s unrivalled. Smashing lips with this kite is a walk in the park, but it is, in particular, the radical unhooked tricks and powerful kiteloops where the Dice SLS reaches its full potential.
Find out more about the new 2023 Dice SLS here.


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