The Ultra Team from Airush

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Airush introduce the Ultra Team, featuring Ho'okipa…

Introducing The Ultra Team.

Team engineered lightweight design for foil, freeride & surf.
Reduced diameter leading edge for maximum efficiency.
Ho’okipa Ultra PE high pressure leading edge, strut & load frame.

Defining the future of minimalistic, lightweight performance design for foil, freeride, and surf, the Ultra Team is a more responsive, faster, and lighter version of the Ultra reinforced with Ho’okipa Ultra PE material. Featuring a thinner, higher pressure leading edge to reduce drag and allow for a higher angle of attack when riding upwind, as well as a fixed bridle for direct steering. The unique blend of efficiency, stability and responsiveness creates an extremely versatile product.


  • Lightweight single strut geometry
  • Improved canopy tension & rigidity to increase responsiveness
  • Fixed bridles
  • Ho’okipa LE narrower diameter
  • LE high pressure Ultra PE leading edge and struts
  • Ultra PE Airush Load Frame v4 featuring WebTech
  • Higher tension LE and strut
  • Reduced weight


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