Win a set of QUOBBA fins!

QuobbaFins Futures001 2018 Holiday Gift Guide 232 - Win a set of QUOBBA fins!

You might already be a Quobba convert, in which case we don't need to bang on about the supreme benefits of these evolved fins that increase control and responsiveness at higher speeds… But if you're not, check out the ‘Tell Me About It' interview with Quobba's chief Glenn Miller in issue #34 – the chances are pretty strong you will be after that…

But even better than reading about them, you can win your own brand new set! We've got 4 sets of Quobba Medium fins in single tab configuartion (same as Futures) to give away to 4 lucky winners. Here's all you have to do…

  • Like @thekitemag and @quobbafins on Instagram.
  • Tag 3 friends who you think would also like a shiny new set of Quobba fins in the comments below our Instagram post.
  • That's it! Sit back and think lucky thoughts until 
SLpromofinal - Win a set of QUOBBA fins!

A few Quobba testimonials from the top…

James Carew – GKA Pro Tour

“If you love going fast, blowing out sections and driving through upside down barrels, you’ve found the right fin. These wizards have created a fin that stops flat spots in your surfing, generating and holding speed through all sections, subsequently turning a shitty day into a really fun surf. The freedom you gain on waves surfing with Quobbas in your board is unparalleled, I haven’t gone back to a regular fin since putting them in.”


Charlie Wise – Pro Kite Surfer / GKA Tour

“I first tried the orange Quobba fins surfing at a right hand point break in Morocco. They were insane how down the line and quick they were, and
i also found they had perfect release on my backhand. I fell in love with them, especially when i started kiting on them. When the new larger yellow versions came out this year i was frothing. I had been kiting on the smaller ones but found they were a bit small for me when the surf got bigger. I knew the larger ones would be all-time. As a kiter you want fins that allow you to hold your rail when you want and release when you want. This is exactly what Quobbas do and is one of the best feelings in kiting. The flow you get from these fins turn to turn is unreal! I’m not exactly sure how the foil concept works on the fins, but it certainly works. I never thought fins could make such a difference in speed on the waves until i tried the Quobbas. The motto ‘The faster you go, the faster you go' makes sense after using them.”


Johanna Catharina Edin / Professional Kitesurfer

“I love the fins! Since I started riding Quobba fins it has completely change my style in kiting. I feel a huge difference in my riding after changing to Quobba fins, I used to ride with larger size fins which comes together with my kitesurf-board but after the change to the Q medium thrusters it have helped me find a better grip to generate a faster and more vertical bottom turn. Which helps me to easy hit the pocket and in the same time gives me a good control and flow while realise the fins. I can really recommend this fins for more female shredders!”


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