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Whether you're working on your strapless game or getting out in serious surf, check here to find your next and greatest stick...

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Nobile Infinity Carbon Split

Smiles from our test team on the performance and the possibilities that come with the new Infinity Split

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Naish Go-To

The Go-To is the board our test team really hoped Naish would make...

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RRD Maquina V3

Our test team really enjoy the classic surfboard feel of the Maquina

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CORE 720

Our test team find a silky smooth ride with plenty of performance in the new 720

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Cabrinha S-Quad

We find no compromises in the latest incarnation of the S-Quad...

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Slingshot Mixer

Comfortable, fast, exciting... Our test team enjoy the new Mixer.

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Naish Global 2018

Pure surf performance and reliable as ever. Our test team approves of the new Global...

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Slingshot Angry Swallow 2018

Post-test, the Angry Swallow remains one of team's favorites...

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