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Portugal is a dream spot for those looking for adventure holidays in Europe. FeelViana Sport Hotel located in North of Portugal’s gem, Viana do Castelo, overlooks the Cabedelo beach pinewood. FeelViana is a sustainable four star superior hotel, all made from wood and perfectly framed in the surrounding landscape.

Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Surfing, Stand up Paddleboarding, Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing and Biking are all part of your day to day at FeelViana. They are at the heart of this Hotel.

We suggest several outdoor activities and lessons for all levels and ages, by sea, river, land, on the ground or blowing in the wind. These experiences are available for both hotel guests and non-resident guests. We also provide a variety of camps for all sports enthusiastics all year round: check our special offers !

Feel at home with us. We feel like you are our home.


Viana do Castelo is the perfect spot for everyone wanting to connect with nature and sports, a charming village, surrounded by nature, with great gastronomy and good wines. Its strong ties with river and sea have turned Viana do Castelo into a nautical city with a huge natural, cultural and archaeological heritage. If you´re a kiteboarder, Viana do Castelo, in particular the Cabedelo beach, is the perfect option. Great weather, great wind conditions, approximately three hours’ flight time from most of Europe, there’s a whole lot of culture and many other activities to enjoy at FeelViana.


The Cabedelo Beach has extraordinary natural features for kitesurfing that make it the perfect spot for all levels of rider. These features were acknowledged as the beach hosted the 2018 GKA Kite-Surf World Tour that brought the world’s best riders to Viana do Castelo.

This beach has three distinct areas: one, by the pier, more protected and with flat water; another, in front of the FeelViana Water Center, with side shore wind and finally, south from the bay, a third area with onshore wind.

Cabedelo Beach is also home to Portugal’s largest water sports center. This beach structure is the go-to spot for all riders because of its unique conditions and the quality and variety of the equipment available for rental. This is also the reason why it is the perfect spot for those looking to improve their kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, wingfoiling or SUP skills. Why? Because you will have a safe experience and the help of experienced, certified instructors.


The wind season is from the end of April until the end of September, with consistent wind that benefits from a thermal effect, which considerably increases its velocity, compared to forecasts. Wind usually starts at noon and blows until sunset in a northwest direction, at a 16 to 35 knots speed. From April to September the average speed between noon and 6pm is 25 knots.


If there is little wind, it is the ideal time to try foiling or enjoy a good session in the cable park or do one of the mountain or road bike routes. They have designed numerous routes that adapt to all tastes and physical fitness and that will allow you to enjoy the wonderful natural environment that surrounds the spot. Although, if you cannot live out of the water, why not try a surf course at the school for even more water-based fun! Besides the sports activities, there are also moments of pure relaxation at the spa.

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Getting There

The nearest airport is Porto – about 40 minutes to the hotel. The best way to reach the hotel is by transfer.

Kite Options

The best kites sizes for the wind season (April – September) are from 6m to 12m. It can vary according to your weight and height.

Which Wetsuit?

You always need a wetsuit to practice water sports at Cabedelo Beach. In the summer a 4/3 is ideal and in the winter you can use a 5/4.


Draught beer costs €2.50. But why have a beer when you can explore a whole world of great cocktails and drinks?

Typical Dinner

Fresh fish, pork, “Sarrabulho” Rice, Octopus Rice, Portuguese Fish Stew…

Late Night

During the summer season, you can usually find a singer or a group performing at our restaurant at dinner time and at the Beach Bar during the afternoon, and there’s also a pool bar with a large and varied menu.

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