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We have strategically positioned test team riders based all around the globe. When our advertising brands want us to test their gear, we endeavor to get that gear to the most appropriate test rider. They then spend approximately 3-4 weeks thoroughly testing the equipment before submitting their reviews to us.


How good are your test team riders?

To join our test team, a rider must be a well-rounded foiler, with a good level of competence and technical understanding in a range of foil disciplines. They must be communicative, efficient, and friendly. They must also be able to transfer that knowledge into a cohesive test write up that you’re going to enjoy reading.

How can we trust your tests if the brands also advertise with you?

We pride ourselves on our history of publishing tests that are a true reflection of the equipment that’s being tested. Brands submit gear to us on the understanding that our test team will provide honest, reliable, and constructive feedback.

Why is there rarely any “negative” feedback?

The fact is that it’s rare that any equipment from a brand worth its salt will have “duff” gear in this day and age. Production cycles generally incorporate a “testing phase” whereupon professional riders will ride multiple iterations of prototypes until a piece of equipment is refined enough to bring to market. That’s generally when we get hold of it. So although a piece of foil equipment might have different efficiencies and be better or worse at something than another, it’s very unlikely it’ll be bad at what it’s built to do. If for any reason it is, we’ll certainly point that out…

Affiliate Partner


We’ve partnered with to offer easily navigable options to purchase gear through occasional hyperlinks on our site. Should you use these links to purchase your gear, Foiling Magazine may earn a small commission, which helps support the costs of publishing the magazine.



We were resolute that if we were going to partner up with an affiliate shop, it would only be one with a good reputation for quality, customer service and reliability. Kiteworldshop absolutely tick all these boxes, which is why they are rated as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot with a trust score of 4.8/5. Not only that, but they also have active customers in over 65 countries, over 30,000 products in stock, and they ship worldwide with the option of express delivery. And to top it off, they’re a really nice and friendly bunch of people too.

Do you have other partners?

No. We’re a monogamous bunch here at Foiling Magazine. We want to work with one partner who we trust explicitly.

Who is was formed in 2015 by Federico Sugoni, a businessman with a kitesurfing obsession, and it’s now one of the world’s biggest online water sport stores, with a great reputation for quality products and making sure their customers are happy. They hand pick their products as if it was something they themselves would want to use, which invariably many of their water-sport-loving team do.

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