German Kitesurf Masters 2017

The Kitesurf Masters S.P.O Day highlights video by Freistiel Media Productions looks back on an amazing week in SPO with the FLYSURFER Kiteboarding and Levitaz team, epic parties to remember during the night and stoked kiters testing out gear during the day!

The Multivan Kitesurf Masters represent the highest national league in kite surfing. Under the umbrella of the German Kitesurfing Association (GKA) and the German Sailing Federation (DSV), this series is fought for the official German Championship title in kitesurfing.

The master title is determined in the form of a regatta. The series consists of three to five tour stops at the most attractive beaches of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The results of the individual regattas are summarized in a ranking list. The first place in the ranking list at the end of the season is honored with the title “German Champion”.

In the Multivan Kitesurf Masters, the three disciplines of racing, slalom and freestyle are performed.

Racing is about kiting as quickly and with good technique and tactics. The drivers can compete with the entire fleet or even in individual groups (heats) until the final of the winners is determined.

Kitesurf slalom was originally launched only for the youngsters (U-19). This discipline should be trained as a precursor to the Olympic Youth Olympic Games as part of the Kitesurf Masters. Due to the high interest of all age groups, this discipline will be extended to all starters in 2017. The special? Every freestyler can compete with his normal equipment – no extra slalomboard or kite is needed.

In freestyle it is important to kite as spectacularly as possible. The most radical jumps, loops and tricks are judged by a jury.

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