BODYBOARD Kitesurfing

Kite bodyboarding - BODYBOARD Kitesurfing

Tom Court has fun on a puddle in the Canary Islands, for a sick bodyboard kite sesh… not something you see everyday! 

For a while now I have had the body board in the back of the car so that I can pretend that I am legit when I turn up to the spots!! Everyone know that bodyboarders run the spots…and I have been waiting for a chance to use it. I was thinking to kitesurf some gnarly waves with the bodyboard, but finally I got a chance to use it in a puddle on flag beach.

A storm hit last week and we had loads of rain, causing the whole island to flood… so making the most of the light wind and all terrain capability of the foam board. I start my session with some fun on the beach before scoring one of the best wave kite session of the trip so far! This is a #Freeride​ day at its best here in the Canary Islands!!


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