A to X

Breaking Boundaries with Mystic


Breaking boundaries is journey into the unknown, one that starts outside of your comfort zone. Your vision, dream and focus is within your potential but breaking boundaries is personal, only you can do it, and you will.

‘A’ marks the beginning and ‘X’ is an unbeaten and addictive path. The never ending search, driven to find something never done before. No one ever said it would be easy, but taking that first step into the unknown is where the magic starts to happen.

Accept the challenges you’ll face, there will be many to navigate but you will conquer. Be open to the elements, learn to read them, find synergy, stay calm, respect mother nature. Enjoy the highs and embrace the lows because it’s the blood sweat and tears that take you to that moment where everything comes together. It’s silent, slow motion, effortless; it’s breaking boundaries. 

Our brand is inspired by our team of world champions, pioneers, style icons, industry legends, watermen and women fueled by storm chasing, swell hunting and the extreme. 

Our products are built around their needs, sports and vision. Embracing technology and new techniques each year into every line, it’s clear both the athletes and designers share a unique passion, innovation and vision to raise the bar, challenge the ‘X’ and smash the glass ceiling of what’s possible. 

Take the risk, embrace the ever changing unknown and don’t settle for the ordinary. Break Boundaries. 

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