Airush release full 2021/22 range

Airush have just unveiled their full 21/22 product range… There’s a lot to see!

Real innovation is not an easy dream to chase. It takes constant dedication and hours of designing, building, testing, and then doing it all over again. It’s generally not about a quick or simple solution, but more about a big idea that could take years to perfect. Our secret is the combination of designer experience, rapid prototyping, and a group of highly committed athletes and product testers.

“The way kiteboarding continues to evolve is staggering, I put this down to how efficient kites are as machines. What else weighs only a few kilograms, can propel you 20 meters in the air for over 10 seconds, and then pack down to the size of a backpack? This gives us almost infinite freedom to create products that open up your playground to whatever you want to do. From the park to flatwater to surf; it’s all at your fingertips with a gentle tug of the bar. We focus on every single little detail, knowing that your time on the water and investment into our premium products is the essence that drives us forward.” – Clinton Filen – Brand Director.
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