Always Sunny In Rio

Reno Romeu, Jerome Cloetens and Noe Font hit up the Marvelous City…

It’s the year 2019, global pandemics are a thing from the movies and the whole world is only a flight away. Rio has always been on the list and after countless invites from Reno he continues to insist, so we come here for the warm weather, good winds, blue waters, and white sand beaches packed with tanned crowds and beautiful umbrellas. We know the drill, purple bowls of Acai on a daily basis, good food, nice people, and much to explore. There are plenty of reasons to come to Rio and we don’t need any convincing so Jerome, myself, and videographer Vincent Bergeron head out to Rio de Janerio on yet another adventure. But just before departure, we ask Reno about the weather to which he responds “Who cares, It’s always sunny in Rio man!”


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