Dirty Habits: Episode 1, the Cape Town Halloween Kite Jam

dirty habits episode 1 the cape - Dirty Habits: Episode 1, the Cape Town Halloween Kite Jam

Episode 1 of Dirty Habits sees the boys getting off to a great start, despite less than ideal wind conditions for the first annual Halloween Kite Jam and Downwinder. Kitesurfing has never looked so much fun…

Cape Town has been a favourite winter destination for kitesurfers for a number of years now, and while part of the appeal is the super consistent powerful wind, a growing part of it is the incredible scene of kitesurfers looking for a good time. If you want to train hard and play hard, Cape Town is almost certainly the best place to go from November – March. The Halloween Kite Jam and Downwinder is just one more reason to go.

The event looks like a whole heap of fun, and there's a pretty impressive roster of pro riders who, it turns out, are super keen to dress up in drag and make fun of themselves. I suppose it's easy to laugh at yourself when you're one of the best kitesurfers on the planet. Personal highlight – HUGE board off to beach landing at 1:29!

We spotted these guys shredding and cross dressing, let us know if you see any more!

Graham Howes
Nick Jacobsen
Keahi de Aboitiz
James Boulding
Oswald Smith
Carl Ferreira
Luke McGillewie
Craig Eygenberger
Kyle Bell
Jason Baker
Jason Colborne
Joshua Emanuel
Darryl Partington

Film/Edit: Dirty Habits Productions/ Jop Heemskerk

Song: PHFAT ft Jung freud: If you can’t dance

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