Family that kites together, stays together!

Eleveight teamrider Ruben Gramstrup gives us some insight of what is it like to grow up in a family passionate about kitesurfing. 

“The story about how we got into kitesurfing is pretty cool. When we were about six-years-old, we learned to windsurf in Cold Hawaii in Denmark. My dad started windsurfing in the 80’s, therefore he also taught us to windsurf. Then when kitesurfing came around, both my parents started. I remember that my brother and myself used to sit on the beach and watch them kitesurf. We were both sure, that this was the sport for us. We waited till we could hold a kite and our dad started teaching us.

We started travelling to destinations such as Hawaii, The Dominican Republic, Zanzibar and mostly recently, Cape Town. It is such a cool feeling to be passionate about the same sport as a family. At the same time we love to shoot videos of our trips and tricks.

Now my brother and I are teamriders for Eleveight.

Here is some footage of our recent trip to Cape Town.


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