Free Ride Project 4 – TRAILER – “The Kiteboarding Industry”

tom court movie - Free Ride Project 4 - TRAILER - "The Kiteboarding Industry"

Here is a teaser of Tom Court's 4th movie – The Kiteboarding Industry… 

Making movies is something that I have always loved, and to make kiteboarding movies about what I see and do inside the kitesurfing industry has always been my passion. So following my 22 years inside the kite industry I have now produced four movies… and this will be the 4th.

The Free Ride Project 4 is a culmination of three years of filming with the Duotone team, riding in some of the worlds best spots, and going deep inside the kite boarding industry to attempt to show the whole picture of the industry today, from where it all stated, to the high tech innovations that are currently pushing us forward into the future of enjoyment on the water… in an attempt to show what kite surfing is all about… the pure enjoyment of our surroundings!!

To catch up on my other movies, make sure you check them out here:

It has always been my goal to show out amazing sport how I see it in the videos that I make, so this is a personal journey for me, highlighting what makes the industry tick, how it supports our passions and where we will be going in the next few years…

Any questions about the movie, please ask in the comments bellow… the feature film will drop in the next two weeks, so make sure you subscribe to my channel to keep up to date!! Welcome to my world of #freeride

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