Is this paragliding or snowkiting?

is this paragliding or snowkitin - Is this paragliding or snowkiting?

We've seen the Soul all over the internet in the last few weeks, with some solid hype and some promising teasers. We're just starting to see videos coming out from the first few riders to get their hands on one, and I have to say I'm pretty excited. With that in mind, I've pulled together a few of the most exciting videos of the kite in action, for your viewing pleasure. First up, we've got the official Flysurfer promotion showing the Soul performing on land, water and snow. After that, the hype from Flysurfer, a bunch of videos of it being put through its paces in the snow, and finally a solid hour of tech chat.

If you can't make it all the way to the end, make sure you at least get to the point where 12 year old Jamie spends a solid minute flying overhead.

TECHNOLOGY: Closed-Cell Foil Kite
FOCUS: Freeride, Freestyle, Lightwind
SKILLS: Beginner – Advanced
SIZES: 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 21
Pure pleasure for your next adventure. FLYSURFER high-tech for your unlimited travel flexibility, from the mountain pass to the coast. Convince yourself of a powerful, precise and comfortable flight feeling. Be inspired by the vision of the SOUL.

At FLYSURFER Kiteboarding, we blended the SOUL’s construction with lightness and durability. The new X-Light fabric has the best qualities for maximum performance and impressive longevity. The incredibly lightweight (32g / m2) double-ripstop material, has low stretch, is highly tear-resistant as well as incredibly airtight, and provides an extremely smooth airfoil. The leading edge is protected with durable DLX+ fabric against dirt and
abrasion. This ultra light closed-cell foilkite is the best travel companion. When it comes to materials and com- ponents, the SOUL’s is built to last and perform at the highest freeride standards on any terrain.

The construction of every individual size of the SOUL’s aspect ratio is optimized and trimmed to give you the best foilkite response possible. Trust in the high backstall-resistancy blended with smooth power delivery to master your new tricks or simply get going. The SOUL‘s precise turning with consistent power throughout a loop has been created to give you the ultimate control at any time.

The FLYSURFER development team created a new outline ensuring superb (water-) relaunch of the SOUL. We believe that foilkites will revolutionize the way of teaching and learning how to kite. Safety is a key factor and restarting your kite from to water by pulling one steering line must be similar on any kite system. The SOUL combines all the benefits of a foilkite with the same methodical relaunch of a LEI-kite to make handling as simple as possible.

Safety is a key element in the development of our products, and the automatic drainage system is an important component when it comes to trust. The interior structure and the choice of materials of a FLYSURFER closed-cell foilkite is optimized to absorb as little water as possible and, in case of a long wash or huge windhole, to ensure that it can restart. This feature separates us from the competition; enabling deep water launches and gives the customer confidence to relaunch our kites in even the lightest breeze.

The SOUL offers a wide variation of tools for maintenance. The new bridle check can be done by measuring and comparing the black marked lines at the canopy to compensate stretch or shrinkage of the bridle. The individual levels of the kite are controlled with different ratios by the Mixer and thus influence the angle of attack and the curvature of the profile. Adjustments after heavy use over years should be done to keep the products performance and ensure long-term use of the SOUL. The right approach must be learned, please follow the introductions in our video or download the how-to manual.

The SOUL gives you a sublime hydrofoil experience by using short flying lines (from 12-17m, depending on the size), to allow for the fastest manoeuvres. This setup enables a more direct feel of the kite and generates less lift, which is perfect for learning a new aspect of the kitesport and adds safety whilst teaching on land or snow.

The SOUL is going to be the perfect kite for any adventure you dream of. Live to search, try the impossible, or simply go where no path leads and leave a trail!
For more information check out the SOUL product page:

FLYSURFER Kiteboarding riders Alex Robin, Laurent Guyot and Guillaume Chastagnol impress even us with this drop-dead gorgeous SOUL Revolution #1 snowkite video. The line between megalooping and pure flying is basically non existent at this point.

FLYSURFER Kiteboarding talent 12 year old Kiting Jamie – , takes the SOUL 8.0m out for a 1st spin while snowkiting, and manages a jump with one loop thrown in for every year he's been on the planet, and an extra for good measure.

I can just about get my head around huge airtime in the mountains, where you're effectively flying, but The Berlin Skyriders have been testing that hangtime capability on their landboards, and I'm at a loss as to how they pulled off a 17 second air without the kind of features that provide lift on the snow. I suspect magic is the only answer; it's either that or we're actually at the point where we can catch thermals with a kite and honestly, I'm not sure which is harder to believe.

Admittedly, Laurent Guyot makes most kites look good, but we'd wager the Soul makes it that much easier, and man it looks like fun. Check Lolo out here on Facebook, and watch his video below.

If you've got a kitesurfing bone in your body you're probably busy googling where you can get one of these monsters already, but in case you're still here you might like to know just how they've pulled this off. If so, this final video contains no less than 60 minutes of detail tech chat. Put your feet up for the next hour while Head of Marketing Christoph Hesina and Flysurfer Developer Benni Bölli take you through literally everything there is to know about the Soul.

You can see (even) more from the Soul at


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