Kite Centre Zanzibar, Your new homespot

kite centre zanzibar your new ho - Kite Centre Zanzibar, Your new homespot

New Laci video promoting the (very lovely looking) Kite Centre Zanzibar, featuring Paula Novotná.

Kitesurfers travel in search of the best wind conditions. These aren't always enough though. Where you stay, where you eat, where you relax, what you do when there's no wind and, most importantly, how you're welcomed, matter as much as the perfect conditions. Everything our amazing spot can offer. That's why when you come here for the first time, you come as a tourist but you leave as a local. And then, you keep coming back, every year.
Come back as a local to Kite Centre Zanzibar, your new homespot.

Camera & Edit: Laci Kobulsky


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