KITEMARE – How to Destroy a KITE!

tom court - KITEMARE - How to Destroy a KITE!

Tom Court lands himself in a bit of trouble in Court In The Act Ep.123…

So some times you win, and some times you loose… It is after all what makes the adventure so much fun.

Exploring new spots and testing out places to ride is not for the faint hearted and definitely not for people who don't know what they are doing. Don't try anything like on this video as it can definitely end worse than this so I think I was lucky to get away with it un-scathed!

I finally get to ride a secret spot on the south coast of the Isle of Wight during a nice 40 knot storm, with some big waves and side, side-off winds it was firing! The o only issue was the launch, so I enlisted the help of the Kite Launcher to get me safely onto the water… Testing out the new 2021 Duotone Rebel, this was a session to remember!! Lucky I had the new GoPro 9 with me to stack the POV of the hammering 🙂


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