KiteSOFAing Episode 6: Surfboard Tacks Kitesurfing

Kitesofaing - KiteSOFAing Episode 6: Surfboard Tacks Kitesurfing

Rob from Progression Sports is back again, helping you  better your kiting skills from the comfort of your sofa. 

Learn to progress your kitesurfing from your sofa! Episode 6: Surfboard Tacks – Locked down again? Don’t worry, KiteSOFAing is back!

Learn how to tack consistently with the most important tip. In the tack, we often focus so much on the board that we forget the most important element which is the kite and bar movement. It’s so crucial to get the kite right for a successful tack, but quite often the kite technique is the one thing that is overlooked. This is why we have pulled together a series of videos that we originally released in the July 2020 issue of KiteWorld’s Digital Magazine.

Some of you may have missed it there so we are releasing it here. The right kite movement is the foundation for both the push and roll the tack, and fundamentally the same movement you’ll use if you are tacking on a surfboard or a foil, and across all the different tacking variations. In this episode of KiteSOFAing, we cover the 3 most important stages of the tack. Each stage breaks down the kite movement, along with the bar position in a way you can easily transfer to your practice sessions.

Check them out and let us know if you manage to UP your tacking success rate next time you are out on the water.

Happy tacking



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