Kitesurfing Endless Madagascar

kitesurfing endless madagascar - Kitesurfing Endless Madagascar

Jalou Langeree and brother Kevin take a trip into deepest Madagascan hinterland… and score big:

“Exploring new places is probably the best thing about kitesurfing. Last summer I went on an incredible trip to Madagascar together with my brother Kevin Langeree. It was quite a mission getting there, the highway through Madagascar is no more then a sandy dirt road. We drove seven hours over the bumpy roads without an ocean in sight. Finally we arrived at Lavanono… Nothing more than a fisherman's village, people living in tiny wooden shacks, spending their days fishing and kids playing games on the beach and surfing the point break.

How I would explain the wave?!

– Wind side off
– Minimum of 4 to 6 turns on a wave
– Barreling section on the end
– No crowds


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