Learn to progress your kitesurfing from your sofa!

learn to progress your kitesurfi - Learn to progress your kitesurfing from your sofa!

Progression Sports has launched a new web-series called KiteSOFAing, offering constructive techniques you can practice at home during the COVID-19 lockdown (though nothing to stop you carrying on when things go back to normal).

This week you can learn to loop your kite

Many kiteboarders will look scared when you tell them to try looping the kite but not all kite loops have to look the way the Pro's do them at the King of the Air! In this episode Rob will introduce you to the key steps so you can practice your first loops of the kite safely in shallow water. Understand why you can loop the kite without getting pulled off your feet and how your kite and bar movements make this possible.

Got a question for the KiteSOFAing team? 
Email them your questions for the next episode – tricks you are struggling with, mistakes you are making, or anything you think we might be able to help with. Send over any video clip or record a short video asking your question to
[email protected]

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