Les Coquillards

movie - Les Coquillards

The Manera team head out for a true adventure…

LES COQUILLARDS – “Bands of vagabonds who cross the Camino de Santiago under the garb of false pilgrims (falsos peregrinos) to carry out brigandry of all kinds.”

A bit like adventurers looking for a virgin land, a bit like mountaineers looking for a new peak to climb, there is us, the Manera team, looking for spots and conditions to do what we do best: glide on the ocean.

We are all aware of the mission that has been entrusted to us, and we are all ready to take it on. But will nature and the elements be with us this year…?


MUSIC: MONTOYA – Otun (feat nidia gongora), GUSSSTAVE – Volcano, JOSE LARRALDE – Quimery Neuquen, THE BULLITS X JAY ELECTRONICA – Run & hide

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