Mystic Stealth Bar Kite Hook Replacement

Mystic have announced  that they’ll be doing a precautionary replacement of the hook on their Generation 1 Stealth bars, replacing them with Generation 2 hooks. Here’s how to find out if you have a model that qualifies for the replacement hook, and how to get it done…

We take the durability and lifespan of our products very seriously, and therefore we are offering a free of charge upgrade replacement steel hook of our SS2020 model 35009.190135 Stealth Bar Kite, delivered in the market from May 2019 until October 2020.

What the issue is:

Through our continual quality assurance process, we have become aware of a material issue affecting our first version of the Stealth bar with kite hook. We have seen inconsistent steel quality on this steel hook and will do a precautionary upgrade because we cannot guarantee the lifespan of this bar to be up to our standards. We have begun a precautionary replacement programme for all Generation 1 hooks on the market.

If you’re affected, view how to get your hook replaced just here.

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