Naish Welcomes Ross-Dillon Player

naish welcomes ross dillon playe - Naish Welcomes Ross-Dillon Player

Maui, Hawaii – Naish proudly welcomes South African Ross-Dillon Player to their international team.

Hailing from Cape Town, Ross is one of kiteboarding’s biggest up and comers and is quickly making a name for himself as a threat to any big air contest as recent winner of the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge and always a contender at the Red Bull King of the Air. Ross is much more than just a big air specialist and can do it all from freestyle to waveriding, which aligns perfectly with Naish.

Making the announcement official, Robby Naish invited Ross out to Maui to see what the brand was all about starting with an airport pickup to be remembered and going straight to the beach for Ross’s first session in the warm waters of Hawaii.

“Ross is talented, motivated, young, and has a good head on his shoulders.  I’m absolutely stoked to welcome him to the team!  He brings an approach to his riding that comes from years of ripping in the strong winds of Cape Town… full speed, powerful and confident in conditions where others start to show their fear.” said Robby. “He absolutely kills it when it’s windy!”

Ross is stoked to come back to the brand where he originally started as a team rider for Naish South Africa. “It feels amazing to join Naish International as I’ve dreamt of riding for this team ever since I started kiting,” said Ross. “My trip to Maui was insane! The Naish team were amazing and by far the friendliest, most helpful team I’ve ever met.”

Ross will be riding a variety of Naish products but his favorite combo so far has been the Pivot 9m with 20m lines and the Motion 142.


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