Nobile Snowkiting – New Videos

nobile snowkiting new videos - Nobile Snowkiting - New Videos

Nobile used this years' Red Bull Ragnarok to test out some of their new dedicated snow kite and race equipment. The results speak for themselves!

Out of seven editions of Red Bull Ragnarok, 2017 really turned out to be a battle to remember. Contestants had to complete five laps in five hours, meaning the total distance was 130 kilometers – the longest course in the history of the event. Luckily the weather gods kept that in mind for the day, providing what the veterans describe as the best wind conditions ever, reaching almost 44 knots.

Congratulations to all Nobile Team riders: 6th – Fly Fisch (AUT), 8th – Martins Sprogis (LAT), 11th – Artem Garashchenko (RUS) and unlucky Christian Labbe who broke bar and walk 6km for another one to finish the race. Christian Labbe you are our hero! BIG KISSES to Aija Ambrasa who wins in WMN/Snowboard on Nobile board!

Snowkite: NHP overview by Artem Garashchenko from NOBILE SPORTS on Vimeo.

Snowkite: RC2000 overview by Christian Labbe from NOBILE SPORTS on Vimeo.

Nobile Snowkite: Ragnarok 2017 – Battle to remember! from NOBILE SPORTS on Vimeo.

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