Peter Lynn Kiteboarding or now known as PLKB is live!

Peter Lynn Kiteboarding has come back with a bang! From now on, this historic kite brand will be known as: PLKB. With a new management and fresh riders on board, the new logo reflects the energy that has come bursting through their door. PLKB is the acronym of their old name that, they’ve decided to make their own to ensure their followers know that their roots and core purpose will stay the same, but that they’ve entered a new, booming era of wind chasing.

Not only is PLKB taking centre stage with the new logo, but they also released their new and improved website! Finally, water, snow and land worlds that define their brand are together again, joined by the smiling faces of their riders and friends. Navigating through the website is easy, and it’s wonderful to see their pride and joy in displaying the new PLKB logo all around!

The website features all their products, from current to upcoming. With nearly a century of experience in the sector, and thanks to having excellent kite engineers in office and a dedicated team of riders to test products through and through, their gear is catered to those who never want to stop having fun. Keep up to date on their social media pages and on their website to never miss a new kite or board launch! *hint hint* the next two weeks will be particularly special

It’s because of their deep love for snow, buggy, land- and kiteboarding, and ultimately believing that kite disciplines are all about maximizing fun and stoke, that PLKB has adopted the motto “Never Stop Playing”. More and more, the brand is taking pride in the people that represent it, in the smiling faces that you see plastered through their social media and website, and all the people behind the scenes who’ve made this re-branding possible. For the PLKB team it’s not only about having fun: it’s about being a kid again and enjoying life to the fullest with the right people, the right gear and in special places.

Check out the new website

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