Postcards from Hawaii with Jesse Richman

North introduce their new series, ‘Postcards’, featuring Jesse Richman who sends us postcards from some of his favourite spots to shred in Hawaii. Sit back, relax and enjoy 5 episodes of pure action from the Maui legend. 

Episode 1 Ho’okipa

Seasons tidings from Maui’s world-famous Ho’okipa beach park, wishing you were here to share these epic waves with me. If you’ve never been to Ho’okipa, it’s a crystalline reef break of the heights quality where the wind flows with incredible velocity thanks to Maui’s two mountains that together create a wind funnel. Usually, the wind is pretty gusty, and the ocean is filled with enthusiasts enjoying a good time. On this particular day, the wind was perfect, and the waves were on fire with just enough size to keep the crowd in line up very small with only a handful of legendary riders. I’m so stoked that I get to share this session with you and will write more soon! I wish you the best day ever.

Aloha, Jesse

Episode 2 Secrets

Greetings from Secrets! Secrets is on the northern side of Maui and is known for its powerful swell. We were graced with consistent north-westerly wind, around 20 knots. I was getting some nice airtime, so was pretty stoked! I was riding my 5ft Comp and 7m Carve, the perfect set up for slashing the day away. Next stop is Lanes, so excited! See you on the water soon.

Aloha, Jesse


Episode 3 Lanes

Heading down to the south side of Maui for an epic day at Lanes! Lanes is known for drawing in some of the best kitesurfers in the world and I am pumped! Back on the 5 ft/ 5 Charge and 8m Carve, ready to hit the lip. We were graced with some epic waves rolling through and strong south-westerly winds, up to around 18 knots. Next stop is Triangle, stoked!

Hope you enjoy this snippet from the day, write soon!

Aloha, Jesse

Episode 4 Outer Sprecks

Hello from Maui again! This time I was riding at the little gem of spot called Outer Sprecks. The name comes from the perfect A-frame waves that are consistent and mostly pretty big. The day started with decent swell providing long rides with a sweet runway. The south westerly wind was blowing around 25 knots, so I was cruising on my 7m Carve and 5ft/ 5 Charge.

Happy to share this moment with you all. Next (and final) stop is The West Side!

Shred hard, always. Have the best day!

Aloha, Jesse

Episode 5 The West Side

Greetings from The West Side baby! On this particular day the sun was shinning, I was stoked to get out and make the most of the conditions.

Although the swell wasn’t huge, the westerlies were up to around 22 knots and yep, you guessed it, I was riding my 7m Carve it’s my favourite. For this session I took the 5 ft Comp board, the perfect board for strapless freestyle and damn has it got good pop.

Hope you’ve enjoyed receiving my postcards, they’ll be more to come soon!

See you all on the water soon.

Aloha, Jesse

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