Prolimit Missions Winter Edition

Prolimit - Prolimit Missions Winter Edition

Prepare in time for colder days with Prolimit's new winter collection.

After the Cape Town adventure with our Prolimit riders we decided to visit our riders who brave the cold every winter. We visited our German freestyle kite rider Ben Beholz at Lake Silvaplana.

All our winter wetsuits are made for extreme conditions. The Vapor, Mercury and Oxygen wetsuits feature Thermal Rebound technology. This is an extra layer in between the neoprene and Zodiac. Thermal Rebound technology goes back to the mid 1970. At the time NASA developed the thermal blankets for their missions into space. The same principle has been adopted at several sport events where athletes are wrapped in these shiny blankets. This technology is now used in our wetsuits for the protection against the cold.

4-layer construction in our wetsuits:

1. The outer layer ensures resilient protection.
2. Super stretchy neoprene layer provides insulation and unrestricted movement.
3. Thermal Rebound retains and regulates body heat.
4. Quick-drying thermal fleece offers comfort enhanced by the Zodiac2plush thermal grid for optimal warmth.

We understand that even when it’s cold, die-hard riders want to go out there. However, we also understand that the freezing cold can hold you from pushing your limits. Therefore we have a wide range of winter accessories, so you don't have to let the cold hold you back. Our wide range of accessories includes gloves, boots and shoes, hats, caps, headbands and a variety of inner systems. No matter the cold, we have the accessories that suits all the conditions.

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