Pursuit with Pablo Amores

pursuit - Pursuit with Pablo Amores

A taste of the way of life of Pablo Amores as we join him in his travels through the last year. 

From little things, from the mountains and the forest, from the oceans and wildlife, from all the life out there. Always comes to me a feeling to look for something else in my life. that means exploring and discovering new things, places, and cultures without forgetting where I'm from.

In my life, there is always a pursuit, of work in myself to be a better me, because happiness is not at the end of my way, what i want to be and represent, i found happiness during the way.

Special thanks to my sponsors Slingshot Kiteboarding and Prolimit to support me in this beautiful journey.

Filmed by: Floris Til,  Antonio Herrera

Extra clips: Jerome Cloetens, Wesley Brito, Sergio Turégano, Nicola Abadjiev

Edited by Pablo Amores

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