Sessions – Dear Greece Ft. Victor Hays

victor hays - Sessions - Dear Greece Ft. Victor Hays

One of the most incredible freestyle destinations in the world is Greece, with butter flat water, consistent wind, warm water and mind-blowing conditions. After a lengthily travel ban, French rider, Victor Hays was more than ready to visit one of his favorite places in the world… Linking up with local friend and Airush teammate, George from Airush Greece and his crew for two weeks, to ride at one of their favorite spots was unreal. They visited local restaurants, uncrowded freestyle and freeride spots where blending the two, made for an incredible time. Friends, food and freestyle, what better way to make a trip memorable??

Check out TheKiteMag Clinic with Youri Zoon & Victor Hays in Egypt on 10 – 17 April 2021. 

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