Slingshot 2020: Which kite is right for you?

Slingshot have launched their 2020 line, which sees their largest and most robust kite range ever. They have more kites to choose from to fit your riding style. Are you a foiler looking for some all around performance? Or, are you a dedicated big air animal? Are you simply looking for friendly free ride performance? Here are Slingshot’s tips on finding the right kite for you: 


Slingshot is positive we will be shredding soon! We noticed that our community is fully engaged online, educating and dreaming of what shredding again means to them. We want to help with that journey so that when the time comes we will be READY.

Choosing the best kite for yourself is an educated decision. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or pro rider, Slingshot has a kite that will match you better than your Tinder profile.

In our latest blog post, Alex Fox, Slingshot Kite Brand Manager, walks through the six kites in the 2020 Slingshot kite line and sheds some light on the best features of each to help you choose the best kite!

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