Slingshot Welcomes Ben Wilson Home

sling - Slingshot Welcomes Ben Wilson Home

A decade away and now he's back. Slingshot reveal the return of legend Ben Wilson…

There are few names in our industry as legendary as Ben Wilson. He is easily one of the most influential, if not THE most influential, kitesurfer ever. Simply put, Ben is an icon that changed the trajectory of kitesurfing forever.

Now, after a decade-long departure, we are proud to welcome Ben Wilson home.

“I can't say anything about Ben's riding that the world doesn't already know. His name is synonymous with progression and we couldn't be more honored to welcome him home. His input and direction on product development as well as his experience and knowledge of the industry will prove invaluable to the Slingshot brand.” Says Brand Manager Alex Fox.

Click below to watch Ben Wilson's Welcome to the Team video, as well as read his thoughts on Slingshot, the industry, and what the future holds for this legendary partnership.

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