The snow is BACK in Sierra Nevada

snow returns to sierra nevada - The snow is BACK in Sierra Nevada

Tyler Brown is an F One and Manera team rider, who's just been invited to take part in the Ragnarok 2017. With all the snow pounding the Sierra Nevada region this winter, we couldn’t wait for Tyler Brown to tell us what it’s like to be living one of  the best ski season in, well, who remembers when ? a decade, more? Get a taste for just how good its been here:

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A Snowkiters Paradise

I can’t begin to express how the mood through Tahoe over the past month. After a five year hiatus, the snow has finally returned! The drought has done both good things and bad for the moral of Tahoe folks over the years. Some have forgotten how winter here can be and are reeling with the repercussions of the impacts these storms can have on daily life and others, such as myself, are so grateful for winter’s return and are basking in all it has to offer. A slew of snow covered grins can be found frolicking throughout the mountains lately. What does this mean for Tahoe snowkiting, you might ask? In addition to loads of great snow, and an abundance of windy days due to all the low pressure systems, it ultimately means that the amount of snowkiting terrain that Tahoe normally has to offer, has doubled or even tripled. These systems have been very generous not only in there amounts of snowfall, but also in there low snow levels. Many of these storms have also blanketed Nevada in snow, making it one of the most prime snowkite locations on earth. Nevada has a treeless “Mars like” landscape and with solid snow coverage it has been a pleasure to explore with a kite. All in all, the Sierra Nevada’s are the place to be this winter.

Shovel, eat, kite, ski, shovel, eat, sleep, ski, kite….. You get the idea. As I sit here on another stormy morning writing this, I’m hurried by the sound of the wind, and a fresh blanket of 6-8” of new snow. I would invite any and all to come join in the epic snowkite season. I’ve been loving my new F-One Bandit X’s and have been putting an amazing amount of miles on these kites. Everything from big airs, to farming Pow turns, to large glides, it has been performing top notch with that same level of comfort & ease that we have come to love out of the Bandit. As far as kiting locations go, I would really push people to get out and explore new terrain. This is the season to do so. If it looks kiteable it probably is. Just keep in mind avalanche safety, in addition to wilderness safety as well.

A few notable locations to check off your list in the Tahoe area would be as follows:

  • North Lake: Prosser Reservoir, the North side of Martis Valley
  • South Lake: Hope Valley
  • Mammoth area: the east side of Conway summit.

If you have any questions on launch, or other specifics you can call 530-816-0484. I hope to see you all out there soon.


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