Sofi Chevalier – When I Grow Up

Sofi Chevalier is the founder and editor of KiteSista magazine, and has spent some time working on her own moves in Brazil. Take a look here, and check out the magazine at

“When I grow up…” – Sofi Chevalier from Kite Sista on Vimeo.

‘I have always felt that no matter what you do with your life there is always a reason to make excuses as to why not to do things as you don’t have time, you have responsibilities, you have other things to do. It wasn’t like this when we were children, we did what we wanted, we played without thought our consequence.

Not losing touch with the child that still lives inside all of us is an important lesson for todays modern hectic society. Sometimes we just need to go outside and play for the sheer joy of playing.

This video is both a representation on my inner child, and my responsibility to be a positive role model to my daughter as she grows up.

We shot this in between running hectic kite camps, a magazine, kids taking afternoon naps, husbands working a day job in the very AM and time relaxing, …which goes to show there are more usable hours in the day than you think. That and +30 something mothers can still nail handle passes if they work hard enough.’ – Sofi

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