Solaire Blue Open – the full edit

The Kite Park League is a rapidly growing competitive tour that plays host to some of the best park riding in the world. They’re doing a great job of bringing the park discipline to a world stage and we’re lucky enough that venues like Blue Palawan exist to play host. With a reef breaking the ocean swell and reeds on the inside which keep the wind chop down, this location really is a paradise for wakestyle and park riding. Not only that, but they have a full complement of HDPE features for the world’s best riders to get loose on.

Riders from all over the world, more than 13 different countries, joined us on the beautiful island of Palawan. There was wind every day and we got the 2017 Kite Park League under way.
In this video you can see how the event ran and some back ground on the heats, tricks and riders that attended.

More action edits from the ten days of riding coming soon.
For more information on the location or event series check:…

Filming and edit:

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