South of Cape Town Wave riding Ft. Oswald Smith & Kiko Torres

Welcome to the Southside of Cape Town, South Africa. 

There is much more to Cape Town’s kiting season than the nuking SE winds, raking down from the left hand side of the beach in great cross-offshore conditions at Blouberg. Many are yet to experience the south, and the variety of conditions it has on offer.

Oswald Smith and Kiko Torres take trip down south, to where the M5 intercepts with the ocean in a small coastal town, named Muizenberg, and the beginning of the Southside trail… Newly recruited Airush Team rider Kiko Torres made his maiden voyage to Cape Town this past summer season after competing in the GKA event in Cape Verde. Arriving in March has its’ pros and cons, the crowds by this time have thinned out, which means, more space on the water while at the same time compromising Cape Town’s famous social scene, but you’ll still need wind if you want to get sailing. A true magic about the south lies within its’ exposure to the wind. Lying on a deeper latitude than Blouberg, the spots on this side are often exposed to different variants of the SE wind that Cape Town is known for. While producing wind all season as Cape Town typically does, this part of our coast continues to deliver in the early and late seasons, if you know where to go… Pairing up with true Cape Town locals, Oswald Smith and Kyle Cabano, the three spent a week exploring the kite spots on offer in the Southside of Cape Town, and put the latest Airush Surf Collection to the test. The all-new Session kite gets put through its paces in heaving offshore surf conditions, with the refined Comp performing very well with it’s famous surf-specific outline. In the onshore conditions Kiko pairs up with the Cypher and AMP boards for some incredibly lofty strapless airs with both, the Session and Lift.

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