Spirit Foils – By Duotone

spirit foils by duotone - Spirit Foils - By Duotone
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Over the years, the Duotone foil range has evolved with two key components in mind; safety and ease of use for its customers. Since its first design and as the sport has developed, Duotone have put a lot of effort in developing the more technical and hydrodynamic aspects of the foils. The outcome is an amazing range of products that caters to everyone.

The SPIRIT Freeride wing is the perfect starting point and quick to progress. Easy, accessible and an all-round performer, it’s the ultimate tool to improve your skills.

The SPIRIT Surf wing is all about control, carving, glide and seamless transitions with incredible stability and predictability for this looking for a pure surf feel in a kite foil. Developed for maximum manoeuvrability and smooth moves, the 950 lifts early and has incredible stability for flow and controlled carves on small waves and flat water.

The SPIRIT Carve is one of the most versatile foils in the range, the SPIRIT carve can mix it up in the waves and as well ventures into the realms of freeriding delivering a good range of speed. The 950 m2 carbon fibre front wing share similarities with the Surf foil. It’s curved shape and tips swept down makes keeping the foil underwater when going upwind and eliminating ventilation through turns a breeze.

The SPIRIT GT is the choice for experienced riders looking for top end speeds, smooth handling and dynamic performance. Speed is nothing without control which is why for 2019, our high-end aspect front wing will take you as fast as you’re willing to push. Combined with easy and stable handling, getting you up to speed quickly has never been so easy.

BEHIND THE DESIGN OF THE SPIRIT LINE Created by Sky Solbach, Ken Winner, Antonio Destino and Max Pajank, the new Duotone SPIRIT foil range represents a unique and modular line of components that can all be used together in order to create the ultimate foiling experience. A complete range of kite hydrofoils which are fun, easy and durable for all types of rider, the quality of components, price and performance cannot be beaten. Take a look at what went on behind the design.

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