Storming with James Carew | Episode 2

storming - Storming with James Carew | Episode 2

James Carew is back with the second episode of his web series!

Welcome back to the second episode of James Carew's web series, following the reigning strapless world champion on a free ride mission as he chases the worlds best kitesurfing conditions. Making a childhood dream come true and pushing the boundaries of the discipline. In this episode he is still in Portugal, getting into the world of big wave surfing and sharing some knowledge with world renowned big wave surfer Lukas Chumbo and friends at the infamous Nazare, Portugal. Scoring a session at Nazare, scoping the scene and getting a feel for what's to come… Stay tuned, like and subscribe to see more content from the Duotone family and friends.

Film/Edit: Tom Court @tom court

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