The Eleveight 2021 release

Eleveight have proudly released their 2021 product collection, and it does not disappoint! Here is what CEO & Product Management Peter Stiewe has to say about it:

The development of the 2021 range is driven by a precise analysis of how we can improve the 2020 models to create a product evolution. Pushing the kite design further and further requires an in-depth review of each performance character and construction detail.

During the R&D process, we develop product updates that we then test extensively. Only when we notice substantial improvements these new solutions will be implemented. We cross-test each detail in the lab as well as in the “real world”, ensuring each update is relevant and delivers excellent results. The 2021 models feature an even larger sweet spot as well as a generally refined performance character. Details like our new trailing edge construction make the kites lighter and, at the same time, stronger and more durable.


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