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20138 - The Pursuit | Ocean Rodeo

Ocean Rodeo have just released this very cool ‘ethos statment' video, giving some idea of the thinking behind the brand, the kit they currently offer, and exactly who they're making that kit for. Ocean Rodeo are a rider owned company, who state matter of factly that they are not in it to sell, sell, sell… they're in it for the quality and the durability of the product, putting the rider experience right at the forefront of what they do. Very, very cool.

The Pursuit.

It’s always been our focus to take those who are on a journey beyond than the rest. What lies before someone is merely an invitation to something greater. A life defining journey away from the comforts of home and into the extraordinary.

In exploration of the world around us there is one rule we live by;

There are No Excuses when in the pursuit of something greater.

We pursue environments that are merciless, treacherous, and completely wild in the search of untamed beauty, unknown opportunities, and untapped accomplishment.

We’re in the pursuit to enable everyone willing to participate in adventure. Our home in the Canadian Pacific Northwest is loaded with rugged mountains, unforgiving waters, and diving temperatures. Our offering to you is tried, tested and true, to be the standard of pursuit through local innovation.

Pursuit is what makes us family, and family protects its own. We have no excuses when it comes to protecting you on your journey and we strive to push you further through our innovation.

Pursuit drives us to not just be a company that provides, but a company that is destined to enable the most in everyone. If anything is holding you back from that next step, wave, or journey, it’s our goal to do our best to eliminate that barrier.

Our track record proves us, our waters define us, and adventure motivates us.

Ocean Rodeo – Pursuit Beyond.

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