The Sardinia Grand Slam 2021 is on its way

ika 2 - The Sardinia Grand Slam 2021 is on its way
Sardinia will host the IKA KiteFoil World Series again. There are great expectations for the champions of a sports discipline standing in the 2024 Paris OG schedule.  Watch the event promotion video, below.

On October 6th-10th, the Golfo degli Angeli‘s waters and 6th stop of the Poetto, iconic beach of Sardinia‘s capital, will host the Sardinia Grand Slam, IKA KiteFoil World Series‘ round-2, organized by GLEsport in collaboration with Chia Wind Club, under the aegis of World Sailing and IKA, International Kiteboarding Association.

The kitefoil is a constantly evolving sports discipline, one of the most scenic among the sailing disciplines. A byword for action and extreme performance, kite-drawn surfing is made up of short, twists and turns. The Poetto beach will represent a privileged observation point for the crowd as the race's course will be condensed a few meters from the shoreline, the buoys and “gates” will be positioned near the coast and the finish line will always be facing the beach and the crowd,  regardless of the direction of the wind.

We are happy to be back after the forced stop in 2020. We are motivated to do better and better and give Cagliari a great show”, GLEsport President Gian Domenico Nieddu said. – “Cagliari has shown to believe in sailing and kiteboarding. I wish to thank in advance to our partners, the Tourism Department of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and the Municipality of Cagliari, our Chia Wind Club collaborators, as well as World Sailing and IKA for renewing their trust”.


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