TheKiteMag catches up with CORE Kiteboarding

thekitemag catches up with core - TheKiteMag catches up with CORE Kiteboarding

TheKiteMag editor Alex headed down to Cape Town for a look at the new CORE Kiteboarding line-up: new kites, a new bar, and – starting off – a chat with CORE's CEO, Philip Schinnagel…

Alex had a chance to put the Nexus 2 through its paces in Cape Town – suffice to say it was very well recieved! Here he catches up with a few of CORE's team riders to find out more about what's new…

Willow-River Tonkin takes Alex through the wave-riding wizardry that is CORE's Section 3..

Some things in life are worth getting excited about. The new CORE Sensor 3 bar is one of those feature packed things.

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