Trying out the new Crosswing

trying out the new crosswing - Trying out the new Crosswing

Annelous Lammerts shows us how it's done.

“A little video of trying the new Cabrinha Crosswing. I was using the Cabrinha Autopilot 5'2 and the Varial Large foil and I was surprised how easy it was to waterstart while the board has only 33L. It is definitely a lot more fun on a smaller board! Don't forget to put a board leash if there are some small waves or if you are out on the open ocean. It is impossible to catch up with your board ones its a few meters down wind of you, I'm talking from from experiencing a 20min swim on my second session ;). I really like that you can wingfoil on spots where kitesurfing is not allowed. On this day the wind was offshore at my homespot and normally I wouldn't be able to ride, but thats to the Crosswing I can spend more time on the water and explore new spots! Next time I'm going to try it in the waves and hopefully catch some endless rides, because that's of course the main goal of this sport. ”

Annelous Lammerts


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