Vanlife and Kiteboarding in Sardinia

karolina 2 - Vanlife and Kiteboarding in Sardinia

Karolina Winkowska has made the most of the last few months in sunny Sardina, and her vlog makes us slightly envious.

After few lockdowns, travel difficulties, and quarantine, Alex and I decided to find a van for summer kiteboarding trips. With this in mind, we found the biggest car we could, and changed it into our dream kiteboarding van. Our first stop was Sardinia where we find absolutely amazing conditions for all the different disciplines we practice. This summer I focused on flat water tricks as Sardinia has amazing spots for it.

South Sardinia is amazing for kiteboarding because of its flat waters, steady winds, and multiple kite schools for kiteboarding beginners. I personally love riding in the empty spots, where I can practice new jumps. It's a unique destination with enormous space on the water and everyday winds in the summer months.

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